Vol. 10: Fall 2014

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Note from the Editors: Submissions were organized under the three categories of the theme, First Times, First Tries, and First Triumphs. These categorizations were made by the editors based on the contents of each submission, and they do not necessarily reflect the decisions the authors themselves may have made.

First Times

  • First Day by Min Kyu Kim (p. 7)
  • The First Time is the Worst Time by Jacob Russell (p. 8)
  • First Fall by Lucas Whaley (p. 10)
  • A Treatise on Love by Sophie Allen (p. 11)
  • First Love by Heather Bianchi (p. 12)
  • Sweaty Palms & Colliding Lips by Christopher-James Llego (p. 13)
  • Afterglow by Jennifer Lara (p. 14)
  • “My First Dear John Letter…” by Darren Bossett (p. 15)
  • On Loving No One (In Particular) by Andres Vaamonde (p. 16)
  • Meditate by Joseph DeLeyer (p. 18)
  • Stages of Felicity by Abdush Shaheed (p. 20)
  • October Mask by Richard S. Hendricks Sr. (p. 22)
  • Obsessed with Her Notes by Maurice McDowell (p. 23)
  • The Zen of Incarceration by Sean O’Malley (p. 24)

First Tries

  • LIFE by Michael Shane Hale (p. 28)
  • Weightless: The red balloon by Christopher-James Llego (p. 29)
  • Just Listen to Them and Also Breathe by Madeline Jones (p. 30)
  • Even a Nightmare Can Dream by Nathan Powell (p. 35)
  • First Time by Min Kyu Kim (p. 36)
  • “Animal Cage” by Just (p. 37)
  • Miseducation of the Miseducated by Javarr Salley (p. 38)

First Triumphs

  • The Seed, Wind, and Soil by Troy Bullock (p. 40)
  • Arrested Development by E. Paris Whitfield (p. 45)
  • First Reversal by Phil Miller (p. 46)
  • A Slope of Success by Reggie Bell (p. 49)


  • CPEP by Quentin Lewis (p. 51)
  • “Milestones…” by Khalib Gould (p. 52)
  • “Making It” by Maurice Cotton (p. 54)
  • My Friend, Bill Palmer by Nathan Powell (p. 56)
  • Words are Powerful by Leroy Taylor (p. 58)
  • Character Study by Lucas W. Whaley (p. 60)