Vol. 2: Fall 2010

WB-Cover_Fall_2010Download: Volume 2: Fall 2010

Editors: Tiffani Burgess, Esther Kwan, and Adina Rubin-Budick
Cover Art/Design: Carly Dean and Michael Hong

Table of Contents

Today – Kalvin N. Harmon (p. 7)
My Lost Love – Jermaine West (p. 8)
Different Strokes – Michael Johnson (p. 10)
The Only Good Indian – Nathan Powell (p. 12)
The Treacherous Ascension from Adolescence to Adulthood By Brendan Miller (p. 14)
A Fragment – Lucas Whaley (p. 16)
My Mother’s Creation – Lawrence Dotson (p. 18)
A Scene with Two Views – Joshua J. Keppen (p. 19)
Untitled (My Life) – Joshua Torres (p. 21)
An Excerpt from “The Ambuscade” – Keir Weimer (p. 22)
Archaeology’s Discovery – Michael Shane Hale (p. 23)
A Language Everyone Understands – Michael Rhynes (p. 25)
My Last Words Dedicated to Tookie – Kavlin N. Harmon (p. 26)

Vol. 1: Fall 2009

WB-Cover_Fall_2009Download: Volume 1: Fall 2009

Excerpt from Page 2:

We have begun this literary journal with these fundamental ideas: writing is an outlet, it is a deeply personal expression of self, and, as such, it should be given an opportunity to be heard. A forum for self-expression, if you will.

For us, teaching with the Cornell Prison Education Program has been a learning experience akin to writing what you learn about yourself is unexpected, what you learn about others is beautiful.

We hope that Writer’s Bloc will be a platform for the Auburn students, both to say what they want to themselves, and to say it to their audience. It is our hope that reading the work put down in this journal will be a chapter of our experiences for you, a look into Auburn, the work that the Cornell Prison Education Program does there, and what our students produce.

We will both be graduating from Cornell in a few short months, and we both can look back on our teaching experience as one of the most meaningful we have had at Cornell (our application essays to teaching jobs and law schools attest to this). If you believe, like we do, that Writer’s Bloc is a truly worthwhile endeavor, please contact us to help out with future editions. We would like the literary journal to continue when we leave Ithaca.

The writers featured in this journal have poured their innermost selves into making Writer’s Bloc what it is, and for that, we thank them. Enjoy.

Yours in writing,
Julia Woodward ’10 and Rahul Desai ’10